Gaming (2017)

Pieces include character designs, backgrounds, and 3D models.

Design practice for a Bioshock character. This is a new variation on the Little Sister design and toy that she might have.

Mass Effect - Alien
Mass Effect – Alien

Design practice for Mass Effect. This is a non-Citadel alien from a colder climate. Age is denoted by the length of the mane and horns.

Design practice for a Borderlands character. This is a new, playable female character with a Berserk mode and powerful melee attacks.

Luna Character Sheet

This is one of my own characters from my #americanmonsters series if they were to have a model sheet. Luna’s skills would include the ability to glide short distances, defensive shielding with their wings, and brief psychic attacks.

These pieces include sculptures made using ZBrush during my junior year at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. I would frequently experiment with the human form during these classes.

These pieces include background work that I’ve done either for school or were commissioned theater backdrop pieces.