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Kaitlyn L. Worsham was born and raised in and around Germany, to include cities like W├╝rzberg, Bonn, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, and Kaiserslautern. She has visited over 12 other countries – to include England, the Vatican City, France, Austria, and the Netherlands – before she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in illustration, in 2017 at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. She graduated from the YTI Career Institute the following year with a diploma in pastry arts.

K.L. primarily works in watercolor or digitally, occasionally crossing over into gouache and acrylic. She loves details and texture, and her work focuses on a variety of flora and fauna, food, pop culture, and mythology, using any opportunity she can to add humor to her pieces. She is heavily inspired by the textures in biological and scientific illustrations as well as ukiyo-e floral art.

She currently works as a graphic artist for the Hawaii Army Garrison MWR on the marketing team.

Social Media and Contact

Email: greylag.art@gmail.com